Is the Endometriosis Community Program right for you?

As a busy woman juggling multiple hats, we understand you have been suffering for too long, losing time, money, and precious energy with no plan with what to do about your endometriosis symptoms. Have you been going to multiple doctor’s appointments and received no guidance on how to manage, your pelvic pain symptoms? If this journey is similar to what you experiencing, then our Endometriosis Community Program is for you.

What is the Endometriosis Community Program?
Our new Endometriosis Community Program focuses on increasing your knowledge on the female reproductive system, understanding your symptoms, and providing you with the best tools for management and build resilience along your journey.

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We have made some program changes, see below!

What topics will we address in the Endometriosis Community Program? 

  • Week 1: Anatomy, Physiology & Diagnosis
  • Week 2: Symptoms of Endometriosis & Understanding Pain
  • Week 3: Goal Setting
  • Week 4: Management from a Naturopathic perspective
  • Week 5: Management  of your pelvic floor
  • Week 6: Building Resilience

 When will this program launch? 

  • Every Monday for 6 weeks starting April 12 – May 17, 2021

 How long is each session? 

  • 7:00pm – 8:30pm – 1.5 hours 

 Who will be your facilitators? 

  • Clinical Psychologist  
  • Kinesiologist  
  • Naturopathic Doctor  
  • Occupational Therapist  
  • Pelvic Floor Therapist  

Sounds intriguing…what are the next steps?

What is the cost?   

  • Cost: $375 + HST per patient for 6 weeks – this works out to be only $63 per session!
  • Fees are out-of-pocket

 Why is this a good value for your money and time? 

In this 6-week journey you will receive:

  • Self-management strategies to reduce your pain and regain your strength, hope and vitality in your journey 
  • Personalized answers to your endometriosis questions from healthcare experts 
  • Navigation of the healthcare system and how to get the best outcome for your endo-situation 
  • Tools on how to communicate and advocate for better healthcare services 
  • Access to a team of healthcare experts who want you to thrive in your endo-journey
  • Resources to manage your symptoms so you can continue to thrive beyond the 6-week program